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Rejoice! Jesus is truly risen! Yes, we are still in the Easter Season, and what a glorious time it is! Last time I spoke of the gift of the Holy Spirit of Wonder and Awe. Have you been able to recapture or recognize the magnificence of God? If not keep trying, and ask Our Blessed Mother to intercede, for she had an abundance of awe when saying “yes” to God.

MaryspiritReflecting on that gift of the Holy Spirit has led me to meditate much on the others. The gifts of piety, wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, and knowledge. Considering where and how I live the gits, as well as where and when I see others living them.

When catechizing youth, and preparing candidates for Confirmation, we try to explain how these gifts will help us to live as Jesus taught, to make us good disciples. But the question remains, will we recognize the time to use the gifts and respond accordingly? I know I have failed often, and by some of our news reports, I don't think I'm alone. Yet, that doesn't mean we should leave the gifts in the corner of our being, as if they are broken. Rather, now is the time for us Christians to dust off these gifts, no matter how long ago we received them, and start putting them into practice.

When Notre Dame Cathedral burned last moth, did you see the acts of piety? The young men and women who came out for a prayer vigil? The number of people who are contributing to the restoration of the church? Did you hear of the priest firefighter chaplain, who showed courage and ran into the burning cathedral to rescue the Blessed Sacrament and precious relics? We need to take time to listen to each other and understand one another. Seek Spiritual Direction and receive counsel. Continue to delve into the truths of the faith, growing in True Knowledge and avoiding errors that are prevalent with current philosophies. When we understand these errors, we will grow in Wisdom and greater love for Jesus, who is Wisdom Incarnate.

By using these gifts we received in Baptism and were strengthened in Confirmation, we can transform the world as the Holy Spirit transforms us.

We are approaching the end of the Easter Season, and will soon celebrate Pentecost! I encourage you to pray the Novena to the Holy Spirit beginning on May 31st. It also happens to be the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, so an opportune day to seek her intercession to help us live the gifts as she herself did.