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Chaplets are special prayer devotions to Jesus, Our Lady or one of the Saints.  These types of devotionals have been recommended by the Church for personal and family prayer.

We offer two, which are very special to the Sisters of Our Mother of Divine Grace: 

  • The Chaplet of St.Michael and the angels is a great means to ask for the protection of the angels against the evils that befall us in this world, and from the temptations of sin in our lives.
  • Chaplet of Our Sorrowful Mother, which is a beautiful prayer to accompany you on your lenten journey in union with the Mother of Sorrows who so faithfully stood at the cross of Christ.
  • And we offer decade rosaries that can be used on your trips and in the car.

Each order will come with a prayper pamphlet on how to pray the chaplet.

** SHIPPING:  A small amount of postage is charged based on $1.00 per $5.00 ordered, not to exceed $6.00 for total order. (Rates are a little higher for Canada) CAN ONLY SHIP TO UNITED STATES OR CANADA.  We only charge to cover the cost of supplies, postage and a small labor fee.

A cloth chapel pouch will be included with your order.  Thank you for shopping!

chaplet pouch

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Holy Spirit Decade Rosary 00037 $5.95 each 1 item in stock
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Pink Marbled Decade Rosary 00045 $5.95 each 2 items in stock
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Purple Faceted Beaded Chaplet 0024 $4.95 each 1 item in stock
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Turquoise Chaplet 0030 $4.95 each 2 items in stock
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Mary, Our Model


"In reciting the Rosary, the thing that matters is devoutly meditating on each of the mysteries as we move our lips....to turn into a school for learning true perfection, as, with a deep spirit of recollection, we contemplate the teachings that shine forth from the life of Christ and of Mary, Most Holy." (Pope St. John XXIII)

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