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Brown Scapulars of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Made by the Sisters   *   Made of Brown Wool

The Scapular is an external sign of the filial relationship established between the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother and Queen of Mount Carmel, and the faithful who entrust themselves totally to her protection, who have recourse to her maternal intercession, and who are mindful of the primacy of the spiritual life and the need for prayer.

"The Scapular is a practice of piety which by its very simplicity is suited to everyone, and has spread widely among the faithful of Christ to their spiritual profit." Pope Piux XII

SCAPULAR INFORMATION: These brown scapulars, hand sewn by the Sisters, are made of brown wool. The crocheting helps to strengthen the scapular and adds a decorative look.

  • Each order will come with an explanation of the benefits and blessings for wearing the Brown Scapular.
  • SHIPPING:  A small amount of postage is charged based on $1.00 per $5.00 ordered, not to exceed $6.00 for total order. (Rates are a little higher for Canada) CAN ONLY SHIP TO UNITED STATES OR CANADA.  We only charge to cover the cost of supplies, postage and a small labor fee.  Thank you for your order.
  • Please allow time to sew the scapulars after the order has been placed.  We sew them upon request.  We will email you when your order is shipped.
  • If you wish to request a particular color for crocheting that you do not see, please email us here.  Thank you very much!

Carmelite Scapular


"It becomes clearer day by day that the way for men to return to God is assured by Mary, that Mary is the basis of our confidence, the guarantee of our security, the foundation of our hope." (Pope St.John XXIII)

Wear the brown scapular as a sign of your consecration to Mary.  By it you will pledge your service to Her Divine Son, and She in return will grant you protection and the grace to persevere in your faith.

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