Sisters of Our Mother of Divine Grace

Evangelicl Councils

As a Public Association of the Faithful, the Sisters of Our Mother of Divine Grace make profession of the Evangelical Counsels; chastity, poverty and obedience according to our constitutions.  

Novicereception "Redemptionis Donum" speaks of the vows in light of the Paschal Mystery.

The vow of Chastity addresses in a particular way the love of the human heart. An expression of love for the Redeemer Himself, Chastity is not merely the renunciation of marriage and family life, but a charismatic choice of Christ as one’s exclusive Spouse. By its nature, a life of Chastity announces the future resurrection in today’s world.

The vow of Poverty emphasizes the redemptive love contained in religious consecration. In the Paschal Mystery Christ, poorest in His death on the Cross, infinitely enriches humanity through His Resurrection. Only the poor can understand the poverty of One who is infinitely rich. Thus Poverty is more than a renunciation of material goods, it is a call to enrich others through one’s own poverty.

The vow of Obedience transforms the soul into the likeness of Christ, who accomplished the redemption of the world by obedience unto death. Obedience means imitating Christ’s humility and submission to the Will of the Father and helps the soul achieve total availability to the Spirit who is at work in the Church