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Community Emblem: Mother of Divine Grace



Ave Maria: "Hail Mary, full of grace" is Mary's most beautiful name, the name God Himself gave to her to indicate that she has always been and will always be the beloved, the elect, the one chosen to welcome the most precious gift, Jesus "the incarnete love of God" (Deus Caritas Est, 12)

St. Louis de Montfort tell us because of Mary's consent to the Divine Will, "her prayers and requests are so powerful with (God) that He acccepts them as commands, in the sense that He never resists His dear Mother's prayer because it is always humble and conformed to His will." (True Devotion, 27)

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit: "By the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit and in her humble acceptance of the Father's Will, Mary received the Word of God into her heart and her body thereby bringing Life to the world" (Lumen Gentium 53) .

Mary, through the goodness of the Most High and only because of the mysterious Wisdom of God, is the "inseparable companion of the Holy Spirit in all the works of grace." (TD 90)


The Cross and the Heart of Mary: Mary's "yes" begun at the Annunciation was her continued response to the mission of her Son from the moment of the Incarnation to His sacrifice on Calvary. The plenitude of grace and supernatural life that filled her soul intimately associated her with the saving mysteries of the life, death and resurrection of her Son.


In light of Mary's willingness, when Jesus spoke from the Cross, Woman behold thy Son,
He gave "her evermore completely to become for all people their 'mother in the order of grace'" (Redemptoris Mater).




"Full of grace -- gratia plena," which in the orginal Greek is kecharitomene ..... "beloved" of God (cf Lk 1:28) ... It is a title expressed in passive form, but this "passivity" of Mary, who has always been and is for ever "loved" by the Lord, implies her free consent, her personal and original response.

In being loved, in receiving the gift of God, Mary is fully active, because she accepts with personal generosity the wave of God's love poured out upon her. In this too, she is the perfect disciple of her Son, Who realizes the fullness of His freedom and thus exercises the freedom through obedience to the Father.

Pope Benedict, XVI